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Wedding Music is important

Just like food and venue, music is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Music in a wedding sets the tone of the event. It creates an ambiance that distinguishes between memorable and forgettable weddings. A wedding is an event for celebration, and any celebration is incomplete without the right music. It is the event of a lifetime and people leave no stone unturned to make it a perfect one. They are ready to spend a fortune, hire the best people in the wedding industry to make arrangements, and put much time and energy into it. Booking for a wedding usually starts months in advance starting from venue to caterer to the music. Music cannot be overlooked in such a scenario. Music in a wedding is something that reflects style and the understanding of aesthetic pleasure of the couple who gets married. Usually, couples and their families have their say on the tracks that would be played at a wedding. They can choose between a live band, solo performance or a DJ. Making the right choice is important here.

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How long should a wedding band play for?

How long will they play for? The typical performance time for a wedding band is a total of two hours of live music within a three or four hour period. The musicians will split this two hour playing time into sets with breaks in between. Work with them to arrange these however you wish depending on your requirements.Jun 24, 2019

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